Thursday, June 02, 2011

Book in a Series - Frankenstein Series

Don't you hate it when you are reading a book and it's part of a book series and you have to wait FOREVER for the next book to come out.  Then you get the next book and you can't remember where it left off?  Well I'm going to summarize a book in a series that I've read so that when I get the next book I can look at my summary and know what happened.  Warning, the following contains spoilers!

Frankenstein Series
Lost Souls - Dean Koontz
Frankenstein: Lost Souls

The Dead Town - 05/24/11

Carson & Michael are married and have a daughter and own their own P.I. business.  Erica 5 and Jocko live in a small town.  She sees Victor when she goes into town.  This is the new Victor that is a clone of the previous one with the same memories.  He is creating a new race and taking over the town.  Carson, Michael & Deucalion go to see Erica 5 and Jocko and together they are going to team up and stop the new Victor from succeeding.

Not much happened in this one and I think it's just a set up for the next book.  I really hope he finishes off the series because really I am only reading it to finish it up.

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