Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Book in a Series - The House of Night

Don't you hate it when you are reading a book and it's part of a book series and you have to wait FOREVER for the next book to come out.  Then you get the next book and you can't remember where it left off?  Well I'm going to summarize a book in a series that I've read so that when I get the next book I can look at my summary and know what happened.  Warning, the following contains spoilers!

House of Night
Awakened - P.C. Cast
Awakened (House of Night, #8)
Destined - 10/25/11

Zoey and Stark solidify their relationship and decide to stay at Skye.  Neferet kills Jack (Oh no!) as a debt to Darkness.  Also Kalone finds out he can enter Stark's mind because of the life he breathed into him in the last book.  Erik and Zoey become friend and he gets new marks as a Tracker.  Neferet is at the House of Night and at Jack's funeral in front of everyone she asks Zoey for forgiveness.  Zoey accepts but knows it's not a true apology.  Rephaim comes to the school and Neferet orders the Sons of Erebus to kill Rephaim and Stevie Rae.  Kalone tries to stop them along side Ephraim.  Ephraim only defends himself and doesn't hurt the Sons.  Nyx appears and lets Ephraim choose between Stevie Rae and Kalone and he chooses Stevie Rae.  She lets him be human at night and a raven during the day.  Zoey and all her friends leave since Neferet and Dragon don't accept Ephraim.  They decide to start a new House of Night in the tunnels.

At the end Neferet makes a deal with the white bull.  She goes to kill Zoey's grandmother but instead kills her mother.  Zoey's mother left her husband and wants her daughter back in her life again.  Neferet creates a vessel that will obey her as her weapon.  Nyx gives Heath the choice to be the lost soul in the vessel, come back but not remember Zoey at all or remain in the Otherworld.  He chooses the vessel.  Zoey has a dream about her mother's death.

I really liked this series but the last couple of books have dragged on too long.  I am really only reading them now so I can see the series through.

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