Wednesday, June 08, 2011

New Dog

We got a new dog on April 22nd.  I have been meaning to post about it but never got around to it.  He is a Labradoodle (Yellow Labrador Retriever mother and poodle father).  We have named him Apollo after the Greek God.  Keeping with the theme since our cat is name Ares after the Greek God of War.  He is a wonderful dog.  He was easy to potty train and he is great with the kids.  Aries is getting used to him (not as much hissing as there used to be) and he doesn't bug her too much.  He just turned 6 months yesterday. Here are some pictures.

The week that we got him:

About a month ago (he was 5 months old):

Taken a couple of days ago:

1 comment:

barmybex said...

awww he is sooo cute!!! i want one. :D

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