Monday, October 31, 2011

Supernatural - Slash Fiction

I thought this was a good episode.  It starts out with Sam & Dean walking into a bank and then pulling out guns and robbing it.  But really they get everyone into the vault and then shoot them and make sure they are filmed doing it.  We of course know that can't really be Sam and Dean.

Meanwhile, the Leviathan is in Bobby's basement (a different house that he had) and they are trying to figure out what will hurt him and/or kill him.  They are also trying to get him to talk, he talks by telling them to watch the news.  So they do and see that Sam & Dean Winchester are on a killing spree, but it's really two Leviathans.

Bobby sends the boys to see Frank Devereaux to get new identities since the Leviathans know all their aliases.  So they go to him and he sets them up and tells them they  need to ditch their car since Leviathan Sam & Dean are also driving the same car.  He also marks on a map all the places they have hit so they can try to figure out a pattern.  Sam does figure out a pattern and it is that they are hitting all the jobs they have done together since Sam left Standford with Dean and they are doing it in order.  They figure out the next one to be hit is and Dean is excited to get some tasty burgers at a diner there.  But too late, the Leviathans kill everyone in the diner and make sure that someone films them.

So the boys try the next stop in Iowa to try to get ahead of them but they are arrested.

Meanwhile Bobby is visited by Sheriff Jody Mills and she has brought a 6 pack of beers and offers to cook him dinner.  Bobby figures out that by cutting off the Leviathans head it takes them a while to get back to one piece so it will slow them down.  Then as he's talking to him something drips from the ceiling on him and hurts him.  He goes upstairs to see Jody with a bucket and mop cleaning up a mess.  He finds out the thing that hurts the Leviathan is Borax and so then goes down with the bucket and gets the Leviathan and chops off his head.

Dean makes one phone call and it's on speaker phone and Bobby tells him about the Borax and cutting off the head.  The Sheriff in Iowa hears and thinks it's sick but Dean tries to convince him to get some Borax for him.  The Sheriff goes back out and sees two Leviathans feasting on some cops and then turn into Sam & Dean.  So he lets Dean out of jail and finds some Borax.  Leviathan Dean goes to talk & kill Sam and while there tells him that Dean killed Amy.  Real Dean comes and kills him.  Then they take the heads and get the Sheriff to lie to the FBI that both Dean & Sam are dead, which his does with the help of his daughter who is a Medical Examiner.

The FBI comes and they tell them they're dead and that the bodies have been cremated, but they aren't and one of the FBI guys come and catches them with the bodies, but he's a Leviathan and kills them.  Then he calls his superior.  We find out Leviathans have infiltrated the highest levels of the government.  Crowley visits Lead Leviathan so they can work together but the Leviathans want nothing to do with scum of the earth demons.  And Sam finally tells Dean he knows about Amy and he leaves.

Still of Mark Sheppard in Supernatural
Still of Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki in Supernatural

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