Monday, October 03, 2011

Supernatural – Hello, Cruel World

We start off right where last week took ended.  Castiel is now the Leviathans, but how many are there?  All those Leviathans inside Castiel are causing him to bleed everywhere, so they leave Dean and Bobby.  They go into a municipal reservoir where Castiel is shredded to bits and the Leviathans go into the water system.  Dean and Bobby witness this and Castiel’s coat washes up on shore.  So Castiel is dead (which I hope is not true) and the Leviathans are loose to posses anyone they want.

They take over a little girl named Annie, a demolition expert named Edgar and two high school jocks.  The jocks eat the other guys on their swim teams.  Edgar goes to Annie and says that their boss is not happy and they need to control the others.  So she goes to a hospital and takes over for a doctor.  She then informs the others that now they can feast whenever they want since there will be people dying everyday and that way they don’t draw attention to themselves.

In Sioux Falls General we see Sheriff Jody Mills (we first met her in Season 5).  She is there because she got her appendix out.  The Dr takes the old lady she shares a room with in the middle of the night and she follows and sees him cut her open and eat her.  So she calls Bobby and tells him what he saw.

Sam is having hallucinations of Lucifer and he finally comes clean to Dean and Bobby.  He tells them that Lucifer told him that he’s not out of the cage and that this is not real and that he no longer knows what’s real and what’s not.  So when someone has to go out and investigate the swim team, Bobby and Sam stay behind while Dean investigates.  While he’s gone, Bobby gets the call from Jody and he has to leave Sam alone.  While he’s alone Dean comes and says he needs help and they leave.  They get to a warehouse disguised as an office building (that’s what Sam sees).  Once inside Lucifer shows himself and Sam goes crazy.  Luckily real Dean had turned Sam’s GPS on his off on and tracks him.  Sam almost shoots real Dean and he inflicts pain to show him what’s real and Lucifer disappears.

At the hospital, Bobby goes to the morgue and sees a strange body.  While there, the Doctor comes and recognizes Bobby and tries to get him.  Bobby shoots him and it does no damage.  He ends up leaving and heading home.

Dean and Sam also head to Bobby’s and once there they see it’s burned down.  Edgar comes for them and they squish him with a car.  Sam is knocked out, Dean has a broken leg and Bobby is nowhere to be seen.  So he calls for an ambulance.  Then he finds out they are being transported to Sioux Falls General and Dean freaks.  Sam wakes up for a little bit and see Lucifer and goes into a seizure.