Monday, August 08, 2011

End of summer

I cannot believe it but summer is almost over.  I've already finished my back to school shopping for X.  He goes back to school on August 31st and he'll be in second grade.  We have an open house for his school on the 29th. We are going out of town for one night next Thursday.  My dad will be taking Apollo overnight.  Hopefully everything goes well with him.  Then the week after that Dan has a work retreat and families are invited and so me and the kids are going along and Apollo will be going to my dad's again.  Also looks like Fall TV will be starting soon.  I'm still watching True Blood since it's a summer show.  Psych doesn't come back until October.  I'm re-watching Supernatural.  Starting with Season 1.  I still have not bought Season 6 yet.  But here's what I have so far for Fall TV:

The Amazing Race, CBS (09/25) - Watched this show on and off previous seasons and got into it again last season and didn't miss any episodes.  So I plan to watch it this season from the beginning.
Once Upon a Time, ABC (10/23) - New show that looks interesting.  It's fairy tales set in present day.

Hawaii Five-0, CBS (09/19) - Watched this show last season and really liked it.  We left off with Steve being wrongfully accused of killing the Governor.  Dan-O was going to move back to the states with his ex-wife and daughter.  Chin Ho went back to being a regular cop & his cousin Kono was being arrested for when they stole that money from evidence lock-up.

Glee, FOX (09/20) - I really like this show during the first season and last season I did not like as well.  I'll probably give it another chance but now sure if I'll watch it.
Ringer, CW (09/13) - Sarah Michelle Gellar plays twins.  One is on the run and the other disappears.  So she takes over her sister's life.

Survivor:South Pacific, CBS (09/14) - I've watched this show on and off since it started and starting watching it a few years ago and really like it.
Modern Family, ABC (09/21) - This show makes me laugh every time I watch it.

The Vampire Diaries, CW (09/15) -  I've said it before but I'll say it again.  This show is better than the books.  I've been watching it from the beginning.
The Big Bang Theory, CBS (09/22) - I watched this show on and off.  Then a couple of years ago I decided to just watch from season 1 and get caught up.  Now it's a show I never miss.  I love Sheldon Cooper and Amy was a great addition to the show.
The Secret Circle, CW (09/15) - This is based on books written by L.J. Smith (who also wrote The Vampire Diaries books).  If this show is as good as The Vampire Diaries I'll be happy.  I just recently read the books and thought they were good.  This is about witches, a girl named Cassie moves to New Salem and joins a group of witches.
Grey's Anatomy, ABC (09/22) - I've been watching this show since the beginning.  I didn't like last season as much as I have other seasons.  I just hate to give up on a show.

Chuck, NBC (10/21) - I really thought they had cancelled it after last season but I guess this will be the last season.  Not sure what will happen, I was not happy with the ending of last season.
Fringe, FOX (09/23) - Been watching this show since the beginning.  I really like this show and I'm very curious to see where this season will go.  I really like Joshua Jackson and hope he's not gone for good.
Supernatural, CW (09/23) -  I love this show and it was supposed to get cancelled after Season 5 but got renewed.  Then Season 6 was supposed to be the last season and now we're getting Season 7.  I'm very happy about that.
Grimm, NBC (10/21) - This is about a detective that finds out he's a descendant of a group of hunters knows as "Grimms" who fight supernatural creatures to keep humanity safe.

So that is a lot of TV and I won't be watching all of it while it airs.  I'll watch some online and some record.

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Natspark said...

This is why I love my DVR. It makes my tv watching a lot easier. :)

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