Monday, August 15, 2011

Book in a Series - Unearthly Series

Don't you hate it when you are reading a book and it's part of a book series and you have to wait FOREVER for the next book to come out.  Then you get the next book and you can't remember where it left off?  Well I'm going to summarize a book in a series that I've read so that when I get the next book I can look at my summary and know what happened.  Warning, the following contains spoilers!

Unearthly Series
Unearthly - Cynthia Hand
Unearthly (Unearthly, #1)
Hallowed - 01/24/12

Clara found out she is part angel and along with that comes her purpose.  Which is why she was put on earth for.  She keeps having these dreams that give her clues to her purpose.  The dream involves a fire in some woods.  When she finds out that forest is in Wyoming, her mother moves her and her younger brother there.  In her dream she also dreams of a boy she has to save and she sees him at school.  His name is Christian and she falls for him.  After getting to know him they become friends.  She knows it's summer time when she has to save him.  She also makes friends with another part angel named Angela and a human named Wendy.  When summer comes, her friends are going away for summer activities and even her mother has to take a trip to California.  Her best friend (Wendy) sends over her brother Tucker to have Clara enjoy her birthday. Clara does not like Tucker but reluctantly agrees to spend the day with her so her best friend doesn't feel bad.  In the end she ends up falling for Tucker.  The day comes of the forest fire.  She is worried for Tucker who is caught in it and also for Christian whom she is meant to save.  She saves Tucker and then heads to the forest to save Christian.  She finds him but a surprise is that he is also part angel.  He thought he had to save her.

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