Monday, October 27, 2008

The Host

I read this book a while back but wanted to write about it. It was a really good book. I actually ended up liking this book better than the Twilight books. The book is The Host by Stephenie Meyer and it's an adult book. It's about an alien race, called souls that take over people's bodies. It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers. This is from the alien's point of view though. If you haven't read the book don't read what I'm about to write.

Melanie is captured by souls who then inplant one into her. The souls take over the bodies and the previous inhabitant pretty much ceases to exist. In Melanie's case she didn't want to stop existing and the soul they implant, Wanderer has to share the body. Melanie tries to fight Wanderer by showing her how much she loves Jared and her little brother Jamie. This then leads to Wanderer to also love Jared and Jamie. They set out together to find them and they do in Arizona. They are held prisoner there and eventually help the humans. Wanderer helps them and shows them how to take the souls out without killing the host or the souls. Wanderer ends up falling in love with Ian, a human. She accepts that she has to be taken out of Melanie and put into hibernation. They take the souls out and put them in a hibernation chamber and are sent back to a station where they are sent to another planet. Except that she doesn't want to go into hibernation she just wants them to let her die. So she is taken out of Melanie's body and the humans decide to implant her into a 17 year old. She then gets to be with Ian who she loves. Melanie gets her body back and is able to be with Jared. At the end of the book they run into another clan that also has a soul helping them.

Stephenie Meyer says she's planning to write two more sequels to this book. I really hope she does.

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