Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Heroes - Eris Quod Sum

Last night's episode was good. No Heroes for two weeks! How sad!
Monhinder left his apartment with Maya and brought her to Pinehearst to be "cured". That involved Arthur Petrelli taking her power away. Apparently she is leaving the U.S. and making amends for all the people she's killed. So good bye Maya! I'm glad she's gone because I really didn't like her.
Peter was stuck, without powers, at Pinehearst. His dad was trying to get him to work with him but Peter said Arthur is evil. Arthur Petrelli is evil and creepy. Then Arthur decides to let Mohinder use Peter as a guinea pig for testing the formula. Just as he's about to inject him, Sylar shows up to rescue him. There's a fight and Arthur comes in and talks to Sylar. He tells him the "truth", which we don't really get to hear. All we find out is that Angela tried to kill Sylar because she had a dream about what a monster he would be and that's why they gave him up for adoption. So now Sylar has joined Arthur. Peter still refuses and Sylar throws him out the window.
When he lands and isn't dead, because Sylar made sure he didn't die, there is Claire and Elle. They were both going to Pinehearst to find out what was wrong with them. Elle's ability is out of control and Claire can't feel pain. Claire helps Peter and Elle decides to go into the company even though Peter tells her not to.
They call Nathan over and he talks with Peter. He tells Nathan that their father is alive and he's evil. Nathan promises to not go to the company, but it's a lie. Him and Tracy are going to work to take down the company.
Daphne is supposed to kill Matt, but his dad doesn't want him dead. Arthur ends up killing Maury and Daphne goes to Matt's place to kill him. She points a gun to him but he convinces her not to kill him. Knox comes and tries to kill Matt and does, except in only happened in his mind. Turns out Daphne is still working for Arthur because we see her talking to him on the phone.
Hiro and Ando are in Africa still. They eat that stuff that makes you see the future. Hiro's eyes go white and the show ends.
Next episode we're revisiting the past for all of them. I missed not seeing Noah this episode, although I guess he was in one scene. Also what happened to West? Did he just fly away to never return? I'm not sure if I like Peter without abilities. I do think he'll get them back somehow though. Oh and what about Caitlan? She's stuck in the future and Peter just totally forgot about her. And Molly, where is she? I know they said she was somewhere safe, but where is that?

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