Friday, June 22, 2012

Book Review: Julie and Romeo Get Lucky - Jeanne Ray

Julie and Romeo Get Lucky
Julie Roseman and Romeo Cacciamani know a thing or two about good fortune. For generations, their families were rival florists and bitter enemies. Then Julie and Romeo met by chance, just as each became single again. Even more miraculous, they fell in love.

Three years later, Julie and Romeo are still blissfully happy. They don't often get a quiet moment alone, and rarely manage a night - quiet or otherwise - in the same bed, but Julie feels blessed by what they do have: true love, wonderful jobs, and houses packed to the rafters with family. RomeO's ninety-three-year-old mother, his son Alan, Alan's wife and their three children live with him; Julie's daughter Sandy and her family - including Sandy's Willy Wonka-obsessed daughter, Sarah, and their cat - live with her. The odds of Julie and Romeo getting a few days of peace together seem about as likely as winning the lottery.

But their wish comes true - with a twist - when an injury puts Romeo flat on his back in Julie's room. Spending days in bed may sound heavenly, but with Romeo on pain pills, initially as comatose as Juliet in her tomb, the reality is less romantic. Then Julie's other daughter, Nora, drops her own crisis on her mother's doorstep. Now Julie has to figure out how to run two flower shops, take care of an ever-expanding household, nurse her beloved Romeo back to health, tackle Sarah's fixation with lottery tickets, and keep her daughters from regressing into full-scale teenage bickering. And Lady Luck has one more surprise in store...

3/5 stars (liked it)
This is a sequel to Julie and Romeo which I read back in early 2009.  Just a book that caught my eye and picked up at the library when I was between books (something that rarely happens nowadays).  This book picks up 3 years after the first one.  Julie and Romeo are in love, each has their children and grandchildren living with them.  Romeo throws his back out and has to stay in Julie's bed to heal and she has to tend to him.  On top of that she has to take her of her pregnant daughter, who's on bed rest.  I thought this book was a nice little wrap up/follow up story and I liked how it ended. 

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