Thursday, June 28, 2012

Book Club - June

Breath, Eyes, Memory
An unforgettable novel that shimmers with the wonder and terror of its author's native Haiti. Set in the island's impoverished villages and in New York's Haitian community, this is the story of Sophie Caco, who was conceived in an act of violence, abandoned by her mother and then summoned to America. In New York, Sophie discovers that Haiti imposes harsh rules on its own.

I started reading this book and thinking of my own childhood.  I grew up (until I was 9 years old) in another country and was raised by my grandmother.  I always knew who my mother was and had a picture of her but always thought of my grandma as my mother.  Then one day a letter and a ticket came saying I was leaving my home to come to America.  So I really identified with Sophie and knew exactly how she felt leaving the only home she ever knew.  At the beginning we meet Sophie in Haiti and she is 12 years old.  Then it jumps to her being 18 years old in New York.  Then it jumps again until she is 20 years old and visiting Haiti.  I thought it was a good story and showed life in Haiti.  I also thought it jumped around too much and would have liked to see Sophie's story a little more, maybe have the book be longer.

The book for August is The Canterbury Papers - Judith Healey

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