Monday, April 09, 2012

Book Review: How I Live Now - Meg Rosoff

Rosoff's story begins in modern day London, slightly in the future, and as its heroine has a 15-year-old Manhattanite called Daisy. She's picked up at the airport by Edmond, her English cousin, a boy in whose life she is destined to become intricately entwined. Daisy stays at her Aunt Penn's country farmhouse for the summer with Edmond and her other cousins. They spend some idyllic weeks together--often alone with Aunt Penn away travelling in Norway. Daisy's cousins seem to have an almost telepathic bond, and Daisy is mesmerized by Edmond and soon falls in love with him.
But their world changes forever when an unnamed aggressor invades England and begins a years-long occupation. Daisy and Edmond are separated when soldiers take over their home, and Daisy and Piper, her younger cousin, must travel to another place to work. Their experiences of occupation are never kind and Daisy's pain, living without Edmond, is tangible.

3/5 stars (liked it)
I thought it was a well written book and I really felt like I was reading a story written by the main character.  During the war she experiences things that many kids will not experience in their life times.  She herself grows up and takes her of her younger cousin.  The ending was very sad and I had become so invested in the characters that it actually made me tear up.  The book was very short at a little less than 200 pages.  I felt like the book could have used another 100 pages somewhere in the middle and end.  

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