Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day - 2012

It's Valentine's Day, although me & my husband don't really celebrate it.  We never really had.  This morning the kids gave him their homemade cards and box of candy we got them.  We also gave the kids their little box of candy.  I got my hugs and kisses from them too, which was nice.  Tonight Dan has a class so he will not be home.  He is going back to school to get his Principal License so he has Tuesday night classes and the occasional Saturday class.  So I'm picking up a pizza for dinner and eating an early dinner because he has to leave for class.  Then I promised the kids we would make cookies.  They want chocolate chip cookies and we are going to attempt to dye them red to make them more festive.  So we will see how well they dye and it's not going to help that we have dark brown sugar instead of light.  Oh well, it's more about the fun of baking together.  Not sure what else we will do.  Maybe we'll find a Valentine movie to watch together or figure out some kind of craft to do.

I haven't watched Supernatural yet.  Things go busy this weekend and I wasn't home last night.  O had Dance class and then I had to rush home and eat and take X to his Cub Scout meeting.  Then I got home and kids went to bed and I have a cold and didn't really feel like doing much.  Plus Hawaii 5-0 was on so I didn't get a chance to watch anything else.  Maybe I'll try to watch tonight after the kids go to bed.

In two weeks is my birthday and Dan has class again.  I did however take the day off of work and so did Dan so we will spend the day together.  I'm thinking I want to go out to lunch and see a matinee.  Not sure what movie though.  My friend said she would come over that night and hang out with me and the kids.  Then a couple of weeks after that is O's 5th birthday.  Not sure what we're doing for food yet and not sure about cake.  She wants cupcakes and the theme is princes.  So everything will be pink and girly.

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