Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Supernatural - The Man Who Would be King

Sorry for the long delay in posting about Friday's episode.  I did watch it this weekend just haven't had a chance to post anything on my blog.

This week was about Castiel.  I like seeing his side of things.

It all started when Lucifer when into the cage and Castiel was exploded into a bunch of pieces.  Somehow he got brought back and he thought it was God.  When he went back to Heaven all the angels where amazed he was brought back and thought he was chosen to lead them.  But Raphael had other plans and wanted the Apocalyse to happen.  So he told Castiel that he can either surrender or die.  So Castiel decided to fight him and started a civil war in Heaven.

Castiel makes a deal with Crowley.  They will help eachother get into Purgatory and split the souls.  Castiel can then win the war and Crowley stays King of Hell.

Sam, Dean & Bobby are chasing after Crowley.  They finally figure out that Castiel is working with him and confront him.  Castiel admits to it and now they are enemies.

Hell or High Water
The Winchester Bros

Two hour finale on Friday, May 20th!

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