Monday, May 16, 2011

Book in a Series - Georgina Kincaid Series

Don't you hate it when you are reading a book and it's part of a book series and you have to wait FOREVER for the next book to come out.  Then you get the next book and you can't remember where it left off?  Well I'm going to summarize a book in a series that I've read so that when I get the next book I can look at my summary and know what happened.  Warning, the following contains spoilers!

Georgina Kincaid Series
Succubus Shadows - Richelle Mead
Succubus Shadows (Georgina Kincaid, #5)

Succubus Revealed - 08/30/11

Seth (Georgina's former boyfriend) has been dating her friend Maddie.  Of course Maddie has no idea that Georgina and Seth were dating since they kept their relationship a secret and she asks her to help with the wedding planning.  Georgina is very depressed throughout the book and then a siren song calls to her.  She finally decides to give in and is brought to another place by the sons of Nyx.  They torture her by showing her dreams, some are real and some are not so that she can just get confused on what is real and what is not and go crazy.  Simone, another succubus is posing as Georgina and trying to corrupt Seth some more.  But his soul has already been corrupted from when him and Georgina had sex together while he was with Maddie.

Her friends find out that Simone is really not Georgina and they use Erik to get her back.  After some failed attempts, finally Seth is able to bring her back.  Which apparently was supposed to be impossible.  He sees her in her original body, as Letha.

Georgina had been rooming with Roman (the Nephillim) and he helps her recover.  When she wakes up she finds out that Seth has broken off the engagement and has disappeared.  She calls a favor in from Jerome and he sends her to Seth.  They almost have sex but she pulls back.  After he's asleep she decides to leave and leaves a note saying she loves him too much to stay.  When she returns she finds out that someone tried to kill Erik.  She goes to him and he tells her that there are two contracts and then she kisses him (which is a merciful way for him to die).

In the end pictures come out of her and Seth in Mexico and she quits the bookstore and her and Seth decide to be together even if it corrupts his soul.  He calls her Letha, which she is surprised to her since nobody has ever told him that name.

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