Thursday, January 27, 2011

Oh, there you are

I've read five books so far this month, if I continue to read five books a month then for 2011 I will read a total of 60, which is below my goal for the  year of 70.  In order to achieve my goal I have to read about six books a month.  I am currently reading a short book that I could easily finish by the end of the month.  Still waiting on many books at the library and I keep reading some reading blogs that increase my book list even more.

As for TV shows, I'm excited that The Vampire Diaries is coming back tonight.  Although I won't be able to watch it until this weekend.  Supernatural is on tomorrow night, but I won't watch it until the weekend too.  I watch Fringe now since it's on Fridays.  Plus Dan watches Fringe with me but not Supernatural.

Currently working on a Dragon for X, the pattern that I found on Ravelry.  He is a very demanding and impatient kid though.  Geez, what a slave driver.  He's constantly "When are you going to finish it"  "Why aren't  you working on it"  I only have so many hours in the day when I can work on it.  After I finish his I have to make one for O.  She wants a pink one so that means a trip to the store for find some pink yarn for hers.

Valentine's Day is coming up.  I have to check to see if I have some Valentine Cards otherwise I'll have to get some.  X has his eyes on some Bakugan ones we saw at Target the other day.  Last year he had Transformers Valentine Cards.  I did find a recipe I will be making for a Valentine Treat.  It is White Chocolate Chip Craisin Cookies  which I know isn't totally Valentine but I wanted to try them.  Plus they do have red and white in them, sort of Valentine.  I'll post what I think of them.

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