Thursday, July 15, 2010

Tooth Fairy visit

No The Tooth Fairy has not visited our house yet but we are getting close.  X's two bottom teeth are really loose so I'm hoping it will be soon.  Tomorrow I am planning to make little pouches for the tooth fairy.  I'm planning to make 2, one for the tooth that will be under the pillow and the other for the money that the tooth fairy will leave under the pillow.  The only thing is I'm not sure what the going rate is.  My sister-in-law gives my niece $1 per tooth and then I talked to my friend last night and she said she did $1 for the first tooth and then 50cents for each additional tooth.  Not sure if I should do 50 cents or $1.  We give $1 a week for his allowance which requires him to earn it by swiffering the whole house.  It's something that needs to be done weekly since I vacuum weekly.  I guess I have to decide soon what the rate per tooth will be.

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