Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Como Zoo

We took the kids to Como Zoo on Sunday.  They were having a Polar Bear day since the new Polar Bear Exhibit is opening on June 3rd.  The kids got to make a polar bear mask, color some pages, got some stickers and then we got a free tree.  An ironwood tree to be exact.  The kids had a lot of fun there.  We'll have to go back again once the exhibit is open.

The kids holding their polar bears masks with my mom and her husband:
Some fish that X insisted I take a picture of:
The kids looking cute:
Flowers I thought were cool/pretty at the conservatory:
Fish at the Sunken Garden:
Me and the kids in the conservatory:
Weird/cool plant:
Every time we go we never see the wolves.  We were lucky enough to see them this time.  O kept howling at them to try to get them to come closer to us:

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