Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Summer? Soon

I cannot wait until summer is here. I know I shouldn't complain about the winters, I do live in MN after all. But I am just itching to go sit outside and enjoy the weather or look at my beautiful garden, grilling and eating outside. Although this past weekend was nice. I got one of my gardens cleaned out and we grilled on Sunday. Yummy chicken and potatoes. The kids were outside a lot, I think they were outside more than inside this past weekend. Then this morning, it's raining and cloudy but I hear it's supposed to be mid 70s. Good news! Although if it's wet the kids can't play outside and bummer I can't eat lunch outside today. So I look forward to the days that it's sunny and warm and I can eat lunch outside and dinner outside and spend my nights in the backyard watching the kids play.

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