Thursday, March 04, 2010

Birthday goodies

I just had my 30th birthday on Sunday (Feb. 28). I was born 2hrs 40 minutes before the 29th so I was almost a leap day baby. I got some freebies such as a free drink at Caribou. Any size drink and I got a large blended Chai Tea Latte. Super yummy and the kids liked it too so I shared. I also am on the mailing list for Helzberg and they send me a card for free pearl earrings. I actually had already gotten a free pair 6 months ago and so now I have two pairs. Then I signed up for Culver's for me and O and we both got free sundae coupons. We're planning to eat there tonight and getting a treat. Also I signed up for Cold Stone and have a free coupon for myself and O. Her birthday is next week and coupons overlap enough that we can just take one trip and get two free items. I also signed her up at Toys R Us and they send you a $3 gift card on your birthday. We went there last week and she found a little doll. I'm sure there's other freebies out there for your birthday but that's all I've done.

So next week O is turning 3 and I can't believe how grown up she's getting. We are having her birthday party next Saturday. We got her a 12" bike that we need to put together some time. We had to get her the little one because she is only 35" tall and still weighs around 27lbs. She is petite. X on the other hand about 49" tall and weighs around 48lbs. He's really tall. I'm sure it won't take him long to be as tall as me (5'3"). It's weird how your kids can be so alike yet so different.
We're doing Strawberry Shortcake for O's birthday. I got invitations out a while ago, I made her a little birthday banner with the leftover invitations and if I'm ambitious enough I was going to make little toppers for the cupcakes. I got her strawberry cake and planning on doing a 9x13 cake and some cupcakes too all with cream cheese frosting. I got her a Strawberry Shortcake candle to put on the cake.

Here's my little birthday girl ready to go. She forgot the jacket, which is sitting right next to her but she did not forget the boots or the mittens on the wrong hands. LOL

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