Thursday, August 13, 2009

TV - What would I do without you?

During the summer there is really nothing to watch on TV. But this year I have been catching up on some shows either online or borrowing some shows from friends.

So far this summer I've watched three seasons of Supernatural. Which is a great show. The fifth season is starting on Thursday, September 10th on the CW. I had seen the show on and off the first few seasons. I really got into it last season and that's why I borrowed the first three seasons from my sister-in-law. In case you've never seen the show it is about two brothers, Dean and Sam Winchester that go around the country dealing with supernatural things like ghosts, vampires and demons.

Another great summer show is True Blood. I've read all the Southern Vampire Series books that the show is based on. The show started last summer on HBO and it is on it's second season this summer with a third season already re-newed for next summer. This show is about a waitress named Sookie Stackhouse that is a telepath. She falls in love with a vampire named Bill Compton.

My friend got me into the show Psych. This show airs on USA and it is currently on season 4. My friend gave me the first season on DVD and I'm almost done watching it. It's about a guy named Shawn Spencer that got trained by his cop father to pay attention to small details to solve crimes. He's so good at it that he always calls in tips and finally he gets taken in as a suspect. To clear his name he claims he's a psychic. He starts a private investigator agency called Psych with his friend Gus.

Also another show I got into is Dead Like Me. This is an older show from 2003 and it lasted two seasons on Showtime. There is also a movie that was just released earlier this year Dead Like Me: Life After Death. You can watch both season of the show on Hulu, but the movie is not on there. So far I have watched the first season and it's a great show. The show is about a girl named George Lass that is 18 years old and gets hit by a toilet seat that came down from the MIR station. She then becomes a Grim Reaper and has to take souls from people that are dying and help them move on.

Also this summer I have been watching Merlin on NBC. It is a show that was shown in the UK and now it is shown here. It's a pretty good show and it's a family show so I can watch it with the kids. It's about young Merlin (teenager) and Arthur (also a teenager) and how he becomes a wizard.

Next month is September and new shows are starting. I'm excited.

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