Friday, October 14, 2016

Book Review: The Hidden Oracle - Rick Riordan

How do you punish an immortal?

By making him human.

After angering his father Zeus, the go Apollo is cast down from Olympus.  Weak and disorientated he lands in New York City as a regular teenage boy.  Now, without his godly powers, the four-thousand-year-old deity must learn to survive in the modern world until he can somehow find a way to regain Zeus's favor.

But Apollo has many enemies--gods, monsters, and mortals who would love to see the former Olympian permanently destroyed.  Apollo needs help, and he can think of only one place to enclave of modern demigods known as Camp Half-Blood.

3/5 stars (liked it)
I love the idea of seeing a god punished by being turned into a mortal.  I felt though that this book moved a little slow as most of it was Apollo getting used to being human and it isn't until the end when a battle happens, we find out who the bad guy is and what the quest will be.  I missed old characters like Percy and Grover, although we saw a little Percy in it.  I will for sure read the next book though.

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