Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Book Club - September

The Painted Drum 
While appraising the estate of a New Hampshire family descended from a North Dakota Indian agent, Faye Travers is startled to discover a rare moose skin and cedar drum fashioned long ago by an Ojibwe artisan. And so begins an illuminating journey both backward and forward in time, following the strange passage of a powerful yet delicate instrument, and revealing the extraordinary lives it has touched and defined.

Compelling and unforgettable, Louise Erdrich's "Painted Drum" explores the often fraught relationship between mothers and daughters, the strength of family, and the intricate rhythms of grief with all the grace, wit, and startling beauty that characterizes this acclaimed author's finest work.

 This is not a book I would have picked up on my own, but I read it for my book club.  I actually ended up liking it.  The book was not really about the drum itself but about the people.  First about about Faye and her relationships and her past.  Then about the maker of the drum and how he got to the point of where he was.  Then about the descendant of the maker and how his life changes after the drum returns.  It jumped around a little bit and I wish the ending would have wrapped up a little more.  Overall though I liked the book.

The Book for September is The Sparrow - Mary Doria Russell 

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