Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Book Review: Middle Ground - Katie Kacvinsky

For four weeks Maddie has been living in Los Angeles, trying to be good.  But no matter how hard she tries, something inside her won't be sated.  She can't live a life of half-truths and false pretenses.  So one night, she says how she really feels.

That's all it takes.  One night.  One bad decision, and Maddie is thrown into a detention center where she's forced to undergo secretive treatment meant to squash her rebellious streak.  The powers that be call it rehabilitation.  Maddie calls it torture.

Alone, Maddie will not survive.  But if she can find something to hold on to - an image of Justin, their love - maybe she can fight.  And if she's really lucky, maybe she'll even win.

2/5 stars (it was OK)
I read the first book in 2011 and didn't realize that there were more books.  I did not re-read the first one so I had forgotten a lot of things.  I don't like Justin at all, he feels fake to me.  Maddie is okay but not super likable.  The one character I would love to see more is Gabe, he is new in this series.  Maybe in the next book he'll be featured more.

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