Thursday, July 28, 2016

Book Review: Warbreaker - Brandon Sanderson

Sisters Vivenna and Siri are princesses of Idris.  Susebron is the God King one must marry.  Lightsong is the reluctant minor got of bravery.  Vasher is an immortal still trying to undo mistakes of centuries before.  Magic from individual breath from everyday objects can perform all manner of miracles and mischief.

4/5 stars (really liked it)
Took me a long time to read this since it was a free PDF version I read on my phone and I prefer to read actual books.  Also it's not the fastest paced book at the beginning, but it did keep my interest.  This book focuses on 4 main characters, Vivenna and Siri, who are sisters.  Vivenna is supposed to marry the God King Susebron but their father instead sends Siri.  Siri is a bit rebellious and immature and has no clue what to do when she meets Susebron.  I love the development of Siri and Susebron's relationship.  Then there is Vivenna, who was raised to know how to be the wife of the God King and suddenly finds herself not being that.  She goes to save her sister Siri from the position she is and.  On the way there she learns how to survive.  There is also Vasher, a mysterious character with a mysteriously deadly sword.  I was always happy when the story came back to him and I really found him intriguing and wanted to learn more about him.  Also there is Lightsong, a minor god who is always questioning his priest and questioning the whole system.  He's a god that doesn't believe in gods.  I loved his story and I loved what happened to him and it was so fitting.  Overall a great stand alone book but left it open for a sequel, which I would definitely read!

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