Friday, January 24, 2014

Book Review: Find Momo: Hide and Seek With an Adventurous Border Collie - Andrew Knapp

Find Momo: Hide and Seek with an Adventurous Border Collie
Momo is a border collie.  He's hiding in all of these photos.

5/5 (it was amazing)
This book was adorable.  Momo is such a likable dog!  The scenery in this book is gorgeous.  I loved turning the pages and figuring out where Momo was hiding in the picture.  Some were easy to find and some were more difficult to find.  I looked at this book with my 6 year old and she absolutely loved it.  Left it sitting on my coffee table and my 9 year old picked it up and enjoyed looking at it.  Great book for all ages!

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