Monday, April 08, 2013

Book Review: The Truth About Delilah Blue - Tish Cohen

The Truth About Delilah Blue: A Novel
Delilah Blue Lovett has always been a bit of an outsider, ever since her father moved her from Toronto to L.A. when she was eight, claiming Delilah's mother no longer wanted to be part of their family.   Twenty now and broke, but determined to be an artist like her errant mom, Delilah attends art classes for free--by modeling nude at the front of the room, a decision that lifts the veil from her once insular world.  While she struggles to find her talent, her father, her only real companion, is beginning to exhibit telltale signs of early-onset Alzheimer's.  And her mother, who Delilah always assumed had selfishly abandoned them, is about to reappear with a young daughter in tow...and a secret that will change everything.  Delilah no longer knows which parent to trust--the only one she can really rely on is the most broken person of all: herself.

4/5 stars (really liked it)
Delilah was a likable character and I felt like the author really captured a young girl unsure of where her place is in the world.  I was a little surprised at the things she uncovered as to why her father moved her from Toronto.  Also I felt bad for her because both her parents were not ideal parents.  Her father moved her and told her that her mother did not want her, he did not encourage her to follow on her art like she wanted.  Her mother was very much a child herself and I can see why her father was worried.  I liked how the book ended too.

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